How the Dr Phillips Center is supporting the orlando creative community

What are the ways in which The Dr. Phillips Center is supporting the creative community in Orlando, Florida?

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a world-class performing arts venue located in downtown Orlando, Florida. It features three theaters, including a 2,700-seat Walt Disney Theater, a 300-seat Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater, and a 1,700-seat Steinmetz Hall. The center hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, plays, dance performances, and more.

In addition to hosting world-renowned performers, the Dr. Phillips Center is also committed to supporting the creative community in Central Florida. It offers a range of educational programs, including workshops and masterclasses, as well as residencies and commissions for local artists. The center also partners with local arts organizations to provide performance and exhibition space, helping to foster the growth and development of the creative community in the region. Overall, the Dr. Phillips Center is a vital resource for the arts in Central Florida, providing a platform for artists to share their work with the community and fostering a vibrant cultural scene in the city.

Eastroom Studios is a few blocks down from the Dr. Phillips Center in downtown Orlando, FL. With a vision started in 2017 to support the creative community, they created a space for musicians and other artists to work on their craft. Offering recording and production services and allowing artists to create and produce music and other audio projects In addition to providing practical resources and support, Eastroom Studios serves as a hub for the creative community, providing a place for artists to connect and collaborate with one another. They offer rehearsal space, allowing musicians and other performers to practice and prepare for performances. If you would like to learn how to produce and engineer music, Eastroom Studios also offers music education and training programs, helping to nurture the next generation of creative talent.