Tyler is an audio engineer/producer from Orlando, Florida. With 20 years of music experience as a musician, he has spent the past 6 years working to develop a dynamic and modern sound as a premiere recording and mixing engineer in the city. Specializing in Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB, and EDM, Tyler has honed his talents helping develop and refine up-and-coming artists as well as label artists.

His process can be described as equal parts informed and imaginative. An approach that leverages an adept palette of modern musical trends and cultural discernment with forward-thinking production decisions. He seeks to bring out the inherent truth in the projects that he undertakes by working hand-in-hand with clients to refine their technique within the studio environment, elevate their understanding of the recording process and transform records into meaningful listening experiences.

Having cut his teeth in the competitive recording arenas of Nashville and Atlanta, Tyler brings a level of competency, experience and tireless devotion in the studio space that can only be described as the absolute benchmark standard of the recording industry. Taking into account the constantly evolving nature of the recording industry over time, Tyler has adopted a seamless hybrid system. Adopting the finest techniques from the celebrated halls of the country’s greatest recording facilities and combining them with the speed and accuracy of the modern digital workflow, Tyler is prepared to tackle projects across genres with potency and refinement.

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