Dennis Bagley (Engineer_Dennisb on Instagram) is the newest member to the EastRoom Studios family. Developing a love for the engineering process of music creation through the years, Dennis became educated at fullsail university in the Music Production online degree program. After Graduating Dennis did freelance engineer work while also seeking out internship positions at recording studios in the Orlando Florida area. Turning to social media, he began reaching out to engineers in the orlando area on Instagram. Our chief engineer Michael Cupp replied to his request for an internship interview. Dennis was awarded the internship after meeting with Micheal and the owners at EastRoom and began his internship here in jan 2019.

His process can be described as equal parts informed and imaginative. An approach that leverages an adept palette of modern musical trends and cultural discernment with forward-thinking production decisions. He seeks to bring out the inherent truth in the projects that he undertakes by working hand-in-hand with clients to refine their technique within the studio environment, elevate their understanding of the recording process and transform records into meaningful listening experiences.

Dennis displayed key points throughout his internship to include learning all of our studio gear, a very high attention to detail and professionalism with our engineers and studio clients which earned him a position as a house engineer here at Eastroom. To date, Dennis has recorded and engineered tracks for a host of recording artist at Eastroom studios. His level of passion and commitment to upholding our standard of excellence and quality is why we are happy to have him on board.

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