Originally embarking on his musical journey as a saxophonist in 2008, Caleb transitioned to music production and audio engineering in 2014. By 2020, he assumed the role of head engineer at Studio 18 until its closure in 2024. Caleb has consistently delivered the highest quality recording, mixing, and mastering services to over 1000 artists within Orlando's diverse music scene.

His process can be described as equal parts informed and imaginative. An approach that leverages an adept palette of modern musical trends and cultural discernment with forward-thinking production decisions. He seeks to bring out the inherent truth in the projects that he undertakes by working hand-in-hand with clients to refine their technique within the studio environment, elevate their understanding of the recording process and transform records into meaningful listening experiences.

Now, he continues to work his magic right here at East Room. Whether you need intricate soundscapes, lightning-fast recording, polished mixes, or the cleanest and loudest masters, Caleb's 16 years of musical experience ensure he will help you present the best version of yourself through your music.

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