Emerson Vernon (a.k.a. “wolfi) is a artist/producer from Indianapolis, IN. After graduating from Full Sail in 2018, wolfi began releasing original music (produced and engineered entirely by himself) and since then has amassed over 7 million streams online. During this time, wolfi was also the head recording engineer for Stone Tree Studios in Indianapolis. Wolfi is a wild card in the mix, having produced and engineered many great songs across nearly every genre.

With a production style that is both informed and imaginative, Wolfi combines modern musical trends and cultural discernment with forward-thinking decisions to bring out the essence of each project he works on. He helps clients refine their technique in the studio, deepen their understanding of the recording process, and create records that truly connect with listeners through a collaborative process.

As a highly skilled and experienced audio engineer, I have a deep understanding of the recording and production process, as well as a strong passion for music and creativity. I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve the highest quality results, and I am committed to working collaboratively with them to bring their vision to life.

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