Dennis Bagley (Engineer_Dennisb on Instagram) is one of the senior engineers to the EastRoom Studios family. Over the years, Dennis developed a passion for the engineering aspect of music creation and pursued a Music Production degree from Fullsail University, which he completed online. In 2019, after an interview at Eastroom and meetings with the owners, he was offered an internship and began his professional engineering career.

Dennis approaches his work with a combination of knowledge and creativity. He is familiar with current musical trends and has a keen understanding of culture, which he combines with forward-thinking production choices. He strives to bring out the authentic qualities of the projects he works on by collaborating closely with clients to improve their technique in the studio, enhance their understanding of the recording process, and turn their records into memorable listening experiences.

Over the years, Dennis has become a highly respected engineer at Eastroom. Our commitment to supporting artists is evident in his work, and he has consistently demonstrated a high level of attention to detail and professionalism with our studio clients. This has earned him a position as a house engineer at Eastroom. To date, Dennis has worked with a variety of recording artists, and we are pleased to have him on our team because of his dedication to maintaining our standards of excellence and quality.

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