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Orlando tracking to mastering


Artist - Criss Leger and Tracking and Mix Engineer - Bad One


For this mix I wanted to amplify the dark, fun and sexy energy that the song communicates so well. Songs like this are usually very dependent on a strong performance and production/arrangement that supports what the vocalist is doing. For this song in particular, I felt as though a very present, up front and modern sounding vocal would be the best approach. I began by making clip gain adjustments to the lead vocal stem. My aim here is to manually bring down the loudest parts of the vocal and to bring up the quieter parts. Although this is a task that is usually reserved for dynamics processing, this approach is more accurate and transparent.

Orlando tracking to mastering

Wondering Why - Drex

Artist - Drex and Tracking and Mix Engineer - Bad One


My mentality going into this song was to try and best serve the emotion of the song and what the artist was trying to say. As an engineer, I try to ensure that my approach is amplifying the story and messages that the artist is trying to get across. This song in particular lives in a very somber, introspective and intimate space. With this in mind, I made sure to not overprocess the vocals. I began with some simple filtering of the subsonic information in the vocal stem beneath 80Hz.

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